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Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Publish Your Work

is 146 pages, 30,000 words of concise, insightful information about where and how a writer can achieve publication of their writings. Whether you write for income or for the joy of it, whether you aspire to write on-line or for print, this book has a wealth of information to help you find and secure publication.    Where to Buy It

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Whether you are a new writer seeking your first publication opportunities or an experienced writer looking to expand your portfolio, this book can help you find new ways to publish your work.  Interested in writing an eBook?  I've devoted three chapters to that! I also cover newspapers, magazines, eZines, blogging, and freelance content.

This book gets rave reviews from newbies and experienced authors alike.

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Allan Douglas I am Allan Douglas.  As an author, writer, prattler, dreamer I've been publishing since the 1970's, mostly in magazines.  Three of my books have been published so far; a fourth book is in progress now.  I live on a mountainside in the Cherokee National Forest in East Tennessee with my wonderful wife and two spoiled dogs.  I serve as an ordained Elder in my church, am a master woodworker, former custom furniture maker and once dreamt of sailing the world in a Bristol Channel Cutter, writing of my adventures as I traveled.  Now I'm a Mountain Man wannabe and author. Stories about my adventures and my advice to writers is on my blog . I also run a Woodworking Blog, and have a regular gig with Grit Magazine. Links to some of my other published articles can be found on the About Me page.